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Tissue Culture

What exactly is Plant Tissue Culture? The term, is usually defined as the controlled aseptic culturing of whole plants, plant cells, tissues, organs and protoplasts. Aseptic meaning, free from contaminates like insects and other external microorganisms. The procedure for introducing plant cells into culture is relatively simple. 

At GI our ISO7 grade labs store hundreds of premier genetics ready for either research studies or for commercial cultivation execution.  


Cloning Station

At Growth Industries we have partnered with Conviron's for our tissue culture laboratories.


Our standardized clones are all grown in our clone growth chambers powered by Conviron. We find it is imperative to create a stable environment for all plants to achieve standardized testing in all phases.  We hand pick our genetics from our enclosed tissue culture rooms, continued by our controlled cloning chambers.  This ensures standardization in all aspects of the adolescent growth stages.

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