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Quality Assurance

The pure raw materials used and the extracts produced are quality tested to ensure they are of the highest standard at every step in the process. Once harvested our raw material is then subjected to further quality testing before it is dried and sent to our super critical CO2 extraction facility.

Variations of Extractions

We operate supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction to gently remove variations of canabinoids from the aerial (above ground) plant parts. We also have liquid chromatography extractions for industrial scale extraction endeavors.


Safe and Effective

Growth Industries is devoted to delivering the consumer a product that is safe and effective. Since CO2 is a natural molecule found abundantly in our environment, supercritical CO2 extraction means no harsh chemicals and no residual solvents.

Variations of Cannabinoid Extracts

After we have extracted the specified cannabinoid compounds from the raw material, it is again rigorously tested for pesticides, herbicides, fungi, mold, heavy metals and mycotoxins. We then transported to our CGMP certified manufacturing side of our facility for further product development.

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