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Premium Cannabis Bags

At Growth Industries we pride ourselves only harvesting Humboldt, California's finest genetics Strains. We’re passion driven and harvest each of our organic flowers with the attention to detail nature intended it having.


These humidity controlled cannabis bags are distributed with patent pending window sticker latches. This allows our customers view the product while maintaining discreetness. Taste the difference. 

Lifestyle Pods

Growth Industries Lifestyle Pods are produced with only the best quality trim and organic flower. All raw materials go through rigorous testing at all phases of production. Battery and oil carts are sold as combo set or sold separately. 

Lifestyle Collection

Specially designed stylish, reusable jars, that carries only the ultra premium line of strains. These limited addition lifestyle jars are the perfect balance of medicating or enjoying recreationally. 

Premium Pre-Rolled Joints

These machine decúfle rolled joints are sealed for extra freshness. Each box will include 3.5 grams of quality flowers. These boxes are the ideal choice for individuals that are on the go and enjoy the all natural taste of GI’s premium grown organic flowers 

Premium Hand-Rolled Cigars

Organically grown Cuban seed tobacco mixed with our GI line of hemp derived CBD flower.


From our farms to your hands

Premium Tobacco Leaf

Premium Tobacco Leaf Wrap

GI Clothing Line

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