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Growth Industries was founded in 2006 in Humboldt, California. Our cultivation directors have a combined 40 years experience in the farming and cannabis cultivation industry. We also have compiled several medically accredited professionals to the organization to aid in our research and compile all FDA compliance aspects of our operations. After years of handling and standardizing our craft, we have become focused on creating and branding products that will take consumers away from the once stigmatized perception of the cannabis plant, to an alternative, wellness and recreational natural choise. Our main goal is to cultivate world class genetics, implement organic growth methodologies, all while maintaining controlled environments to achieve consistency in producing consumable cannabis products.


At Growth Industries, our primary focus is world class  production of Cannabinoid enriched products. Our state of the art operations main focus is constructing controlled environmental rooms, which are driven by technology and advanced by automation. We intend to make products accessible world-wide as legalization continues to progress across the globe. Our priority is the production of quality products through the implementation of our SOP's and CGMP practices followed by energy efficiency.


Growth Industries will continue to develop quality cannabinoid medicines with broad profiles, and other natural molecules found in Cannabis and Hemp derived genetics. Our goal is to identify the distinct properties of these  cannabinoids and convert it to usable modern medicines.


Growth Industries is on a mission to make a positive impact on humanity one organic harvest at a time. We strive to achieve this all while leaving a minimum carbon footprint on the environment.

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At Growth Industries we believe passion, technology and science are the drivers behind our products. We implement these key strategy ingredients while maintaining the organic nature the cannabis plant intended.  

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