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Buddha Hemp

Buddha Hemp products are produced with only the best quality trim and organic Full-Spectrum Hemp. All raw materials go through rigorous testing at all phases of production.

Royal Budline 

Award Winning Premium Pre-Rolled Joints

Hand-picked strains from the farms of northern Humboldt. Each organic joint is hand rolled and tubed. Inhale a piece of Cali in every joint.


Royal Budline 

Cannabinoid Rich Salves

Sore Muscle Relief, Muscle Inflammation, Joints & Stiffness, Injury Swelling, Bruises & Cramps, Minor Skin Irritations

Royal Budline

Premium Cannabis Flower


Peak Oil 

Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil Cartridges

Grassias Brew


Premier Infused Line of Beverages. Energy Drinks, Seltzers, Crafted Brews and Teas.

Premium Pre-Rolled Cigars

Organically grown Cuban seed tobacco mixed with our GI line of hemp derived CBD flower.


From our farms to your hands