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Standardized Cloning Station


Conviron chambers are designed specifically to minimize the formation of condensation inside the petri dishes and vessels used for tissue culture. For best results, petri dishes should be placed on wire mats on Conviron's perforated air shelves inside the chamber. Airflow directed upward through these shelves at the underside of the dish ensures the lower zone of the vessel remains cooler than the upper zone. This internal temperature distribution minimizes condensation on the underside of the lid, thereby exposing the culture to a uniform amount of light. Stacking of multiple petri dishes works against the benefit of upward airflow. Further, upper dishes block light from lower dishes, which can cause inconsistent results.


Energy efficient fluorescent lamps are the standard lighting for the all Conviron Tissue Culture chambers. TC30/TC80 lighting control provides three light levels and is monitored by a quantum light meter. Precise lighting levels, including dimming, variable and closed-loop lighting strategies are programmable within the TCR Series’ control system. Higher light intensities are available as an option.


Direct exchange cooling systems with hot gas bypass for continuous compressor operation are standard for Conviron Tissue Culture chambers, and feature air- or water-cooled condensers depending on model. Electronic modulating valves provide tight temperature control while ensuring quiet operation. Pressure transducers (not available on A1000) are included for monitoring the status of the refrigeration system. Hydronic cooling systems using chilled water or glycol are available as an option.

Experiment Protection

User programmable “set and forget” alarms track the chamber’s operation versus user-defined set points. This allows for accurate monitoring without the need for adjustment every time the set point is redefined. Backup “high/ low” alarms provide a further level of protection while visual and audible notification is provided when any alarm is activated. Contacts for connection to a building management system are also included. For users who want even greater programming flexibility, more rigorous data monitoring and reporting capabilities and integration with other facility controls, chambers can be equipped with Argus controls.

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